Virtual Branch
(Online Banking)

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Fee Schedule
ATM Withdraw (Foreign ATM) *$1.00
*(4 free per month, after 4th, $1 per transaction)
ATM Overdraft Transfer$5.00
ATM NSF/Courtesy Pay$29.00
Bad Address (Monthly)$10.00
Bank-to-Bank Wire (United States)$15.00
Bank-to-Bank Wire (Overseas)Market
Credit Union Check (Members)$2.00
Credit Union Check (Non-members)$5.00
Copy of Cleared Draft (Per Item)$1.00
Dormant Fee *$5.00
*Monthly, less than $100, no activity for 1 year
Money Order$1.50
Returned Check$29.00
Share Draft Overdraft Transfer$5.00
Share Draft NSF/Courtesy Pay$29.00
Statement Copy (Per Page)$1.00
Stop Payment$10.00
Early Christmas Club Withdrawal (Per Occurence)$15.00
Courtesy Pay Savings$29.00
Escheat Fee$500.00
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